Who Is Jan Wild?

  • A Partner You Can Trust

    With over thirty five years of success in building high performing organizations, Jan’s goal is to bring together the highest quality buyers with the appropriate sellers at the right price.

  • Forward-Thinking Strategies

    Our philosophy has created a multiple step, how to strategy that culminates with the sale of your company. This proven method has been used to sell hundreds of businesses.

  • Versatile Solutions

    Transworld Business Advisors is a franchise consulting service for people looking for a more efficient and effective way to research the world of franchising before making an investment into a franchise. Our concept makes us unique. Our expertise makes us the best.

Service Industries


With over 1 million restaurants in the United States and over $780 billion industry revenue, restaurants are a highly demanding industry for buyers and sellers alike.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops don’t see a considerable change in sales when there are economic downfalls, with currently over 26% of shops earning over $1 million in sales.

Convenience Stores

The convenience store industry accounts for more than $575 billion sales with only about 150,000 stores nationwide and has seen an increase in recent years.

Gas Stations

Gas Stations are a consistently growing industry with high demand and close to $250 billion in sales, with both private and franchising opportunities. Is it for you?

Liquor Stores

A versatile business with growing demand and a newfound trend in taste and variety, the liquor store industry is one of the highest earning retail business per store.

Dry Cleanerss

Dry Cleaners are self sufficient businesses with a loyal customer base and low overhead. It accounts for over $9 billion in sales with just under 35,000 running locations.